All Things Isager, Geilsk and Ito

This month we are moving and setting up our new Knitting and Design Studio and Showroom in Eldorado, southeast of Santa Fe. Our focus will be technique clinics, project classes, and special events that feature Isager, Geilsk and Ito yarns. You are welcome to visit and shop by appointment beginning in October. Sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you informed of studio activities.

In the meantime, take advantage of the many SALE ITEMS (on-line only) throughout this website, including M&K Linen, La Doro Lace, Opal Sock Solids, Opal Sock Sport Solids, Opal Sock Diamant, Opal Sock Schafpate, Opal Sock Sport, Cascade Heritage Paints, Lang Supreme, Rowan Alpaca Colour, Gecko Recycled Tote Bags and books.